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First I would like to Thank You for stopping by my site. I hope you find what you are searching for. I would be honored to help you make that connection to your loved ones in any way that I can. I know you will find it very rewarding and will experience something you never thought possible...life does continue...even after death...

My goal is to "aide" in the Closure process needed for you as well as for your loved ones.

I believe that we all have "Spirit Guides" or "Guardian Angels" and during a reading these "Guides" & "Guardian Angels" do come through along with your loved ones that have moved on to the next phase of their life regardless of when they passed or crossed over. It's been my experience that your loved ones or guides come through for many many different reasons. Some come for healing whether it is for themselves or for you, they come for forgiveness or sometimes our pain keeps them here. Others may not even know that they have passed and are "stuck" here.

Mostly, they are here to help us, encourage us, love us, they want us to know that they are involved in our daily lives and are aware of what is going on or they may give us messages from themselves or other family members that have passed.

The wonderful thing is....they are always with us.

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