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About my Abilities...

(SandiBrooklyn, does not offer Refunds, No Exceptions, in the event a Refund is accepted, only 25% will be Refunded in 10-30 banking days)

I would like to help people make a connection with their families, friends & pets that are no longer with them.  Closure is also an advocate for those who have already crossed over regardless of when or how they passed. We all need some type of Closure to move on...

Below are some of my Gifts/Abilities that
I use to aid in the Closure process.

  • North American Indian
  • My abilities do run in my biological family
  • Pet Communicator
  • Clairvoyance - Clear Vision: Pictures & Images - I see "them"   
  • Clairsentience - Clear Feeling: Personality of your loved ones or spirits
  • Clairclognizance - Clear Knowing: Images come to me at "warp" speed
  • Clairaudient - Clear Hearing: Music, ringing, voices - regardless of what Language(s) 
  • Clairalience - Smell: Ablitiy to smell
  • Ability of Psychometry - Being able to get messages, images from touching objects
  • Empath
  • Experienced OBE
  • Past, Present & Future Readings Remember people have Free Will to change the outcome
  • Psychic/Medium
  • Ordained Minister since 2007 - At this time I do not perform ceremonies...yet
  • Have Aided A Family From P.O.M.C.
  • I do Tarot
  • Angel Card Readings
  • In-Person Events as Guest
  • Galleries
  • Phone Readings
  • Skype Readings
  • And God Bless & God Willing... My abilities keep growing & maturing...

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Closure & Acceptance does not offer REFUNDS at anytime.

A new Appt. will be scheduled in place of a refund.

No Refunds No Exceptions as "Information" cannot be Refunded

In the event of a cancellation refunds will not be issued a Phone Reading

will take place of a refund. Thank you for your understanding.



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